Bryce Canyon lodging packages that include horseback rides and ATV tours can make your trip more adventurous!

A stunning scenic spectacle of spires, pinnacles, fins and arches, Bryce Canyon’s colorful formations range in color from red to gold to tan to chalky white. They create a sharp contrast from the surrounding evergreen forests and blue skies overhead. In actuality not a canyon, Bryce Canyon is, in fact, a series of natural, horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters displaying the work of millions of years of erosion. To view Bryce Canyon’s unmatched scenery, visitors can stroll along the rim, stop at a few of the 14 viewpoints along the 18-mile scenic drive, or venture into the inner canyon on a trail such as the Queen’s Garden Trail, the Navajo Trail, the Under-the-Rim Trail and the Fairyland Loop Trail. Bryce Canyon Chamber of Commerce members offer a plethora of Bryce Canyon lodging options from which to choose.

Bryce Canyon lodging providers offer everything from standard rooms to secluded rental cabins. Bryce Canyon lodging rates range from $40 to $160 per night. In general, summer and weekend rates are more expensive than off-season and weekday rates. During the winter, room rates and crowds are minimal, making a Bryce Canyon vacation a real getaway for those willing to brave colder temperatures. A dusting of snow puts Bryce Canyon in an entirely new perspective! Many Bryce Canyon lodging options offer money-saving packages that include meals at local restaurants and recreational activities such as ATV tours and horseback rides.

Bryce View Lodge is one example of a Bryce Canyon lodging provider that offers special packages. For example, its Western Adventure Package includes a half-day Bryce Canyon horseback ride. Located across the highway from Ruby’s Inn, the Bryce View Lodge provides clean comfortable rooms and easy access to the restaurants, shops and swimming pools at Ruby’s Inn.