The restaurants in Bryce Canyon Country offer standard American fare, including steaks, seafood, salads, soups and sandwiches. One popular eatery in the area is the Bryce Canyon Restaurant, attached to Bryce Canyon Pines. Filled with antiques, the Bryce Canyon Restaurant is known for its selection of soups and pies, including its specialties, banana blueberry and banana strawberry. Ruby’s Inn offers two Western dining experiences, The Cowboy’s Buffet and Steak Room and Canyon Diner and Picadilly Pizza. Bryce Canyon Resort features a Mexican and American restaurant and a Subway. Foster’s Steakhouse, offering prime rib, steaks, chicken and seafood dishes, is another favorite place to dine in the Bryce Canyon area. The bakery adjacent to Foster’s Steakhouse offers breakfast to go and sack lunches for excursions into Bryce Canyon Country.

Most of the Bryce Canyon area’s eateries are open year round. None of them require reservations. Except for the Subway at Bryce Canyon Resort, the area’s restaurants are not part of any national chains, making each one of them a unique dining experience.



Bryce Canyon Restaurant
Toll Free: 800-89BRYCE
Canyon Diner & Piccadilly Pizza
Phone: 435-834-5341
Toll Free: 866-866-6616
Foster's Steakhouse
Phone: 435-834-5227
Phone: 435-834-5351