Hotels & Lodging

Bryce Canyon National Park and its immediate vicinity offer many different lodging choices, from traditional motel rooms to secluded rental cabins. Two of the area’s lodging providers serve as the headquarters of local outfitters offering horseback rides, guided ATV rides, scenic flights and mountain bike rentals. Some of the Bryce Canyon area’s lodging options boast adjacent RV parks and campgrounds and most feature on-site restaurants.

Rates at Bryce Canyon area lodging providers range from $40 to $160 per night. Generally, summer and weekend rates are more than off-season and weekday rates. Rates and crowds are minimal during the winter, making a vacation to Bryce Canyon a true getaway for those willing to brave the colder temperatures. Many Bryce Canyon motels offer packages that include discounts on recreational activities such as horseback rides and ATV tours, as well as meals at local restaurants. Book your room today to enjoy some of the greatest scenery and hospitality in the West!


Bryce Canyon area lodging providers include:

Best Western Rubys Inn
1000 S. Hwy. 63
Bryce , UT 84764
Phone: 435-834-5341
Toll Free: 866-866-6616
Bryce Canyon Pines Motel
Hwy. 12 Milepost 10
Bryce , UT 84764
Phone: 435-834-5441
Toll Free: 800-892-7923
Bryce Canyon Resort
13500 E. Hwy. 12
Bryce , UT 84764
Phone: 435-834-5351
Toll Free: 866-834-0043
Bryce View Lodge
991 S. Hwy. 63
Bryce , UT   84764
Phone: 435-834-5180
Toll Free: 888-279-2304
Fosters Motel
1150 Hwy. 12
Bryce , UT 84759
Phone: 435-834-5227