From ATV rides to scenic flights, Bryce Canyon tours provide different perspectives on the area’s unmatched scenery

There are many different ways for visitors to view the unmatched scenery of the Bryce Canyon area with Bryce Canyon Chamber of Commerce members. Local outfitters’ Bryce Canyon tours provide visitors the chance to get off the beaten path and see the Bryce Canyon area from perspectives many visitors do not see. Bryce Canyon ATV Tours, Bryce Canyon Area Tours and ATV Adventures and Ruby’s Inn ATVs provide guided ATV tours through lesser-known parts of the region. If you would like to go on a guided horseback ride through Dixie National Forest land surrounding Bryce Canyon National Park, book a tour with Red Canyon Horseback Rides, Ruby’s Red Canyon Trail Rides, or Scenic Rim Trail Rides. If you would like a more leisurely Bryce Canyon outing, try a bus tour with Bryce Canyon Area Tours and ATV Adventures, which includes interesting narration about Bryce Canyon. For a bird’s eye view of Bryce Canyon’s hoodoos, try a scenic flight with Bryce Canyon Airlines and Helicopters.

You do not have to go on one of the Bryce Canyon tours offered by local outfitters to enjoy your Bryce Canyon experience. Other ways of touring the Bryce Canyon area are on a mountain bike, on foot or onboard the free Bryce Canyon Shuttle. Popular mountain bike trails in the Bryce Canyon area include Thunder Mountain, Tropic Reservoir and Casto Canyon. If you did not bring your bike, Ruby’s Inn offers mountain bike rentals. Bryce Canyon National Park itself offers many hiking trails for exploring the inner canyon, including the Navajo Trail, the Queen’s Garden Trail, the Under-the-Rim Trail and the Fairyland Loop Trail. For worry-free transportation into and out of the park, visitors can board the Bryce Canyon Shuttle. Rides on the shuttle are much like free Bryce Canyon tours in which you do not have to worry about dealing with traffic congestion or finding a parking spot.

Many Bryce Canyon tours include Red Canyon, located just west of the Bryce Canyon area on UT 12. The canyon offers trails that accommodate ATVs and horses, many of them while on guided Bryce Canyon tours. These trails provide up-close views of the canyon’s wondrous formations, which are similar to Bryce Canyon’s hoodoos. In addition to its ATV and horse trails, the canyon is home to numerous hiking trails. The Red Canyon Visitor Center, located near the base of the canyon, provides information on all of the canyon’s trails as well as exhibits on the area’s flora, fauna and geology.